Welcome to my blog. My name is Anita. I live in Norway. My favorite hobby is making tags in Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop. My blog is a showroom for my tags. Enjoy your stay.

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Witch 5_Witch 7 / Boo-Ligans

Made in Paint Shop Pro X9

I used two of Verymanys gorgeous witch tubes. 
Witch 5 and Witch 7 that you can get here and here at Verymanytubes.com
and i used the fabulous and fun collaberal kit Boo-Ligans.
It`s a collaberal between Dee`s Sign Depot, Kissing Kate and A Space Between.
I used Dee`s part of the collaberal.
You can get this collaberal here.
And the cluster frame and clusters here and here.
And the bundle here